Don’t want to learn Perl, Python, Shell … Ok, try On.Inno

There are people on this planet earth, wonderful as it is, that don’t want to learn about the glue that holds all things together. And by glue I’m referring to the workhorse scripts that never really get the attention they deserve: Perl Python Shell One cannot truly say they have experienced a production infrastructure with at least typing one command from […]

use Parallel::ForkManager

A very powerful and easy to use Perl multitasking module. Used in every single code I now write, as it’s annoying to continuously  update code just to make it scale-able. In my scripts I usually like to “fork” things off especially say when manipulating data. With this module it’s as easy as a foreach loop: use Parallel::ForkManager; use PiroLabs::Utils::DataCruncher; […]